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Lunch at Auroville

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We visited Pondicherry right on the year end. And one of the days was dedicated to visiting Auroville. Of course, we later found out that there isn’t much to do at Auroville if you are not part of the Auroville community. You can do a bit of shopping at their boutique shops and buy expensive organic and locally made stuff, and then you can go for a long walk and see the Matrimandir from a designated spot. You need a free pass to go see the Matrimandir.

However, we had not bothered to find out about timings of Auroville and landed 5 minutes after they break for lunch. So we had about an hour and half before they started distributing passes again.

Anyways, we had to have lunch too. And after fighting for a table at the crowded cafetaria (off peak hours it is not so crowded though), we finally got a seat and looked at the menu. It had a mix of north and south indian items, as well as several continental stuff, most probably for the large proportion of foreigners staying/visiting out here.

Continental food freaks as we were, we ordered some grilled fish and roasted chicken. As you can see, the food looked good and servings were generous. After a bite, I realized i was having one of the best food I had eaten at Pondicherry in my trip. The food was very fresh, with aromatic fresh herbs and was a delight to eat.

Next time I visit Pondicherry, there are two modifications to our trips plans that I am going to do – one is to get my own transportation, and two, to have as many meals here as possible.

I am really mean, no? :-P