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Cha Bar Disappointment

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We went to the Cha bar at Leela after a long time. After months of making masala tea at home with fresh ginger and cardamom, the masala chai at Cha bar tasted terribly synthetic. The least a specialty tea joint can do is to use fresh ingredients and not some stock masala tea mix.

Infinitea does a much better job and is a far better value for money – they give a pot for two instead of the cute but tiny street style glass they give at Cha bar.

I ordered pakodas for the first time here while I was waiting for Dipika to finish her shopping. The pakodas were oily and a tad spicy, the spices were quite unusual. Wouldn’t order again.

On second thoughts wouldn’t be visiting here again. For the prices these outlets charge, Infinitea is a far better option.