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2011 05 22: Treat Disappoints

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Our Sunday dinner at Treat, Indiranagar was a huge disappointment.

After our recent move to HSR Layout, we hardly get to go to our previously regular Indiranagar hangouts. For a long time, Treat was a place where you would get consistently good punjabi non-veg food. The service was pathetic, and the owner was a grumpy man who doesn’t flinch for abusing his own customers if the need arises. But the mostly authentic food made up for it. I have on occasions been ravaged by mosquitoes in the restaurant, but still stayed on to finish the food.

But yesterday it felt that something has changed for the worse. The food prices have gone up. While some old faces have disappeared, some new waiters were unusually polite. The Gilafi Kabab we ordered was masked by the chilli covering it. But the most disappointing was the mutton biryani, which had been one of our favorites over our last five years in Bangalore.

The basmati in the biryani was replaced by ordinary rice which was broken during cooking. The curry used in the biryani has not just changed colors but also taste. Overall a very average biryani. When I pointed the change to an old time waiter, he still tried to claim that nothing has changed.

I disagree. Perhaps it is time to move on.