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The Buddha's Hand!

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Buddha’s hand citron by wonderferret

Buddha’s hand

Doesn’t this look like an octopus hanging off a tree?

This fruit is called Buddha’s hand and is more formally known as Citrus medica (var. sarcodactylis). I actually found out about this strange looking fruit in this entry of one of my favourite cartoon strips – a Knight’s Life.

Originally, from north east india and China, it is used in Western cooking for it’s lemon like zest.

According to this post on LA times,

The appeal here is all in the highly aromatic rind: The fingers of the fruit can deliver eight times the surface area for zest compared with other citrus.

Where can one use it? A knowledgeable person in the post explains:

“Anything you can use lemon peel for, you can use this,” she said. “It has multiple culinary uses, savory and sweet. It pairs well with lavender and basil. In a creme brulee or the crust of a cream pie, it’s exquisite.”