(Yet Another) Foodie

food experiences in this lifetime ...


I am Sandip. My main blog is at http://blog.sandipb.net where I mostly blog about technology – my profession and my primary interest. This blog is both a means for me to keep a journal of my food experiences, as well as a way to solicit advice and feedback. If in the passing, you learn something from it, I would be thankful. If it causes you grief, oh well, let me know.

I find the experience of creating food from raw materials really magical. With the proliferation of recipe books in the market, it is very easy to fall in the all-too-common rut of being a recipe-slave. I have been there. But making food doesn’t become an art until you learn why you are preparing food in a certain way. And with the right sources of information, I believe learning the why as well as the how makes one a better cook – one who can create something magical within the constraints that real world gives us all the time.